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COMING SOON! Beyond the Block: Haiti

COMING SOON! Beyond the Block: Bosnia

COMING SOON! Beyond the Block: Alaska

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Intro to Global Awareness: The Dominican Republic

Take the first step in your journey towards global awareness by connecting with a group of students in the Dominican Republic! You will receive feedback and a Certificate of Completion!

  1. Global Awareness Overview

  2. Understanding Culture and Values

  3. Learning from Others

  4. Becoming a Better Global Citizen


Beyond the Block: Haiti

This documentary features the stories of children and young adults living in Port-au-Prince who understand life in Haiti not from the evening news but from their own first-hand experience.

Beyond the Block: Bosnia

Young adults who lived through war as children recount stories of fear, humor, and perseverance through man-made human suffering.

Beyond the Block: Alaska

Alaska is a part of the United States, but unfortunately, like most of our indigenous history and heritage, the stories and experiences of their people are often told inaccurately or not told at all. Learn about the sacred tradition of the Stickdance as well as the complicated history of our country.

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